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I think it’s fair to say that we all take our surroundings for granted. I’ve lived half an hour away from india for the majority of my life and there’s still so much of it I haven’t touched. That pretty much goes for most of the India to be honest. I have family from india and when they come to visit, they’ve probably seen more of the india than I have! But on the flip side, I’ve probably seen more of it that they
Over the years I’ve seen a fair amount of countries (I could list all the places I’ve been to but that would be boring and might take a while), each time I go somewhere I like to get the full experience. Do some sightseeing, take in some culture, enjoy the local cuisine and explore as much of the place as possible. I reckon the last time I was a proper tourist in my home country was probably a school trip!
So, now that I’m living in a new environment, I’m making damn sure I get out and see as much of it as I can.
So far, I’ve seen a fair amount of Paphos – it’s a large region, but I’ve definitely covered a lot of the main spots. My plan for whilst I’m here is to have at least one day a week of exploring, two if possible! So on my days off I’m not just festering in the heat or catching up on Netflix. My days off at home would be so boring for the most part that I’m determined not to repeat that here.
Cross country 
So far I’ve shown you some of my highlights (admittedly it’s been mainly beaches), but last Sunday I went on a full touristy day!
Whilst walking around the harbour on Saturday I saw all the boards and the poor women & men trying to flog day trips whilst the sun bares down on them. One of them was advertising a jeep safari trip; to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really pay attention to every stop on the trip but I saw it was going to one place I really wanted to see, so I booked it! Bright and early Sunday morning, I got down to the harbour and awaited my jeep. Disclaimer: if you’re hoping for a comfy ride, think again.
The rickety old beast turned up, already filled with sweaty bodies, I climbed aboard and we were off. It really was an adventure as I had no idea where we were stopping.
First stop: Sea caves. We had a 10min stop here for a quick look around and photo op. You can get a better look at the caves from a boat, but from what I could see the caves looked more like a cove. However, what drew my attention more was the shipwreck – I’d seen pictures of it and really wanted to check it out but had no way of getting there, so this was a great little bonus! This immense ship was just sitting there, looking a little eerie. You can’t board the ship but you can get closer to it, however we didn’t have time for that so I will go back eventually!