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Today we have a tendency to had a glance around capital of Israelwe have a tendency to area unit alittle clusterof 3each Luke and that i are to capital of Israel multiple times, and also the student that’s with America can see the normal tour sites in a very couple weeks once the dig. _103878126_6eb47c91-bca4-425f-a351-b4c35c252e12Luke can have extra individuals be part of him once the dig and that they can take a tour through Israel.
Because of this we have a tendency to area unit ready to attend places that don’t seem to be unremarkably visited by massive tour teams.
Jerusalem Breakfast, New Imperial edifice, Jerusalem, sensible breakfast
We started off the day with a decent breakfast. a touch of a distinction from my breakfasts in European countrylast week. However, this may be almost like what we’ve for breakfast at the dig.
Sepulcher, Jerusalem, Courtyard, LadderOur morning goal was to travel visit the Kidron natural depression. However, we have a tendency to created some stops on the thanks to the Lion’s Gate.
One of the stops was the yard of the Church of the sepulchre to ascertain and see if the ladder was still there. we are going to visit here once more next weekend to checkout the inside. There area unit some specific spots at intervals the advanced that i need to come back.
We additionally created a stop at the Church of St. Anne and also the pools of Bethesda. sometime i have to write a web log post concerning this attention-grabbing advanced.ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-US
Kidron natural depressionsoundjap Gate, Temple MountHere may be a read of the Temple Mount from the Kidron natural depression. Here you’ll be able to see the jap or sound. The gate is closed and there’s some attention-grabbing reasons behind this. However, that’s a topic for one more post sometime.
Kidron natural depression, Temple Corner, South-East Corner of Temple MountI took this image from the Kidron natural depression once we were visiting the monumental tombs. they’re going to even be featured in a veryfuture post.
Here we glance up to the South-East corner of the Temple Mount. Imagine a wall that’s even higher because itwas at the time of Christ. There area unit some that recommend that it had been from a tower on this corner of the temple wherever supernatural being tempted Good Shepherd to leap. You cans see however way down he would have fallen.
We then walked up to the bottom of the Temple Mount and created a fast visit to some places simply outside the Dung Gate.
We had our lunch on the method back to the city Gate space.
Tower of David, Herod’s Palace, capital of Israel fastness, Tower of David repositoryIn the afternoon we have a tendency to spent over 3 hours at the Tower of David Museum. There area unit nice views of the town from the towers of the fastness. The repository covers over four,000 years of the history of the town of capital of Israel. The exhibits begin within the time of the Canaanites and you walk forward in time to the last century.
Tomorrow we are going to be traveling to Lachish wherever we are going to be dig back through thousands of years of history.